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Lubes for better sex!


With so many brands of lubes out there it can certainly be confusing as to which one is best. What I ask my customers is, What are you using it for? Seems simple enough, sex! Ok, then let me clarify, vaginal, anal, oral, or with a toy? How has your body responded in the past to your lube? Any irritation or discomfort? Did it get sticky? Do you want something versatile? Natural? Organic? Hypoallergenic? Long lasting? Flavorful?

So many questions, so many lubes! So, when it comes to sex, the wetter the better!

Reduce friction for more pleasurable and comfortable sex.

Water based lubes can be used in just about any sexual activity even including silicone toys. Water based lubes can even be used with latex or non-latex condoms. Water based lubes are easy to clean up and won’t stain your sheets. On the negative, water-based lubes can get sticky and dry while using. That brings us to...

Silicone lube. Imagine silk sheets gently caressing your most intimate area…that’s what silicone lube feels like! Silicone lube is long lasting, great for shower sex, won’t dry or get sticky, and condom safe. The downside to silicone lube is that it is not recommended for silicone toys. Glass and metal toys are great with silicone lube. It’s also safe for vaginal or anal sex. Although silicone lube is a little more expensive than water-based lube, a little goes a long way. You won’t be using as much of the silky lube as you will be with water based.

Plant based oil lubes are silky, long lasting and can double as a massage oil. Watch your sheets with oil-based lubes. Putting a towel down first then enjoying massage and sexy fun is recommended. Downside to oil-based lube is the staining of the sheets if not careful. Using oil-based lube is fine with toys including, silicone, glass, and metal. However, oil-based lube is not recommended to use with latex condoms as it can increase the chance of a torn or ripped condom. Thoroughly clean off after using oil-based lube as it can also increase the chance of Candida.

Natural lubes have come a long way. Most natural lubes use a base of aloe. When buying a natural lube look at the ingredient list. The list should contain only a few ingredients. Natural lube is safe for your silicone toys, is PH balanced, and is vegan and paraben free. The downside to using natural lube is that it may not be as long lasting as other lubes, and some may find it irritating on sensitive skin.

Ingredients to avoid:

  • Glycerin

  • Nonoxynol-9

  • Petroleum

  • Propylene glycol

  • Chlorhexidine gluconate

Lubes also come in warming, cooling, tingling, water based anal, and flavored. If you have sensitive skin test a small amount out before any sexual activity.

Go explore with different types of lubes and most of all have fun in the process!

Oh Babe carries quality lubes in water based, silicone, natural, edible, anal, warming and cooling.

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