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Oh Babe carries fetish items in store including: Ropes, ties, handcuffs, chastity cages, pussy pumps, anal plug pumps, paddles, floggers, cuffs and more. 

If looking for more items we suggest checking out Fetish Mafia.

We recommend Fedora Fabrications for quality custom sex furniture.

Liberator wedge with restraint hooks

Black Label Wedge with Cuffs and Blindfold

  • Bondage-inspired sex positioning wedge

  • Equipped with sturdy cuff connector points

  • Makes new sex positions feel effortless

Bonbon Sex Toy Mount

  • Petite sex toy mount for vibrators and dildos

  • Low profile and ergonomic design

  • Allows for comfort while in straddling positions

  • High-density foam supports the body

  • Prevents sinking into soft mattresses

Liberator toy mount

Perfect for the beginner or the most adventurous, Sex Swings allow partners to effortlessly try hundreds of positions they never thought possible! With padded supports for the back, booty/thighs and feet/calves, the swing also has a torque bar for added support during the wildest lovemaking sessions. Extra-wide nylon straps with self-tightening buckles are adjustable for the perfect fit. Easy to install with all mounting hardware included, this swing can hold up to 400 lbs.

Over the Door swing

Punish your subjects misbehaved member with the Prisoners steel cock cage chastity belt. Made from high-polished steel and secured with lock and key this shiny chrome chastity cage will keep your subs cock behind bars until ypu decide to set it free. Dare your subject to get a hard on and watch as they struggle inside the prison-like confines of the cage. No matter how aroused he gets the curved steel shape prevents your sub from getting erect nut the open design still allows them the freedom to piss when they need to. You hold the key to pleasure so make sure they do as you say before you grant them in their freedom.

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