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Foria Melts

Intimacy Melts with CBD

Relax and go deeper with our all-natural CBD suppositories, designed for vaginal and anal use. These small, easy-to-insert suppositories melt and absorb to enhance penetration, ease discomfort and increase relaxation, creating a more pleasurable sexual experience.

Each package contains 4 suppositories, that each deliver 50mg of organic broad-spectrum CBD.


Vibrance Melts with Organic Botanicals

As hormones change, so do our body's needs, especially when it comes to internal moisture. Formulated with soothing chamomile and tonifying raspberry leaf, these hydrating Melts with Organic Botanicals are the answer for internal hydration, daily comfort, and help to soothe sensitive and irritated skin that can come with your ever-evolving body.

Ingredients: Organic Fair-Trade Cocoa Butter, MCT Oil (Medium-Chain Triglycerides), Organic Chamomile Extract, Organic Raspberry Leaf Extract

Foria lubricant

Designed for both men and women, our bestselling lube is a bedroom must-have, solo or with a partner. With just two clean ingredients – 400mg broad-spectrum CBD and organic coconut oil – it's designed to provide all-natural lubrication, ease discomfort, enhance arousal, and assist with penetration both vaginally and anally.

Your body absorbs what you put on it (or in it). That's why our lube is truly all-natural and free of added chemicals.

 Intimacy Oil with CBD

Foria arousal oil

 Awaken Arousal Oil with CBD

Meet our bestselling all-natural arousal oil, designed for females to use solo or with a partner. When applied to the clitoris, inner labia and inside the vagina, this topical oil works with your body to enhance pleasure and sensation, and help you have bigger, better orgasms.

With a unique blend of broad-spectrum CBD and organic botanicals, there's no other arousal oil like Awaken.

Uberlube travel kit

Why people love it:

Long-lasting performance that lets skin feel skin
Simple, body- and condom-friendly ingredients
Dissipates when no longer needed—no sticky residue
Recommended by leading doctors
Scent- and color-free
Developed & produced in our Chicago-based lab

Massage candles

Shunga Massage

Kama Sutra stimulant

Feel the tingle with Kama Sutra's Pleasure Balm Sensations Body Gel.

This kissable, water-based vegan body gel for romantic play is formulated to provide an exciting, cool, tingling sensation on the skin.

Excite your partner and delight your tastebuds with juicy raspberries over ice

Oh Babe carries additional flavors. 

Coochy Shave Cream

Coochy oh so smooth in island paradise is the anti-bump and rash free shave cream that can be used as a conditioner and moisturizing complex

Made in the USA

Pheromone spray

Get ready for a playful tryst with Afternoon Delight, a vibrant and vivacious pheromone infused body mist. This tropical-floral fragrance is a sexy blend of sparkling pineapple with a tangy twist of citrus topped with unforgettable notes of coconut water and white palm.

Pheromone for men
Pheromone roller ball

Pure Instinct is a roll-on pheromone perfume oil for her that mixes with your body chemistry to intensify sex appeal and attract the opposite sex.

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