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August Babe...Liz

Proud to introduce the August Babe....Liz!

Liz has this contagious bubbly personality that can light up the room. I love it when she gets an idea in her head and she shares it with such enthusiasm. Liz is a fierce mamma bear that would do anything to support her family. She has worked hard to keep her head above the water. Liz doesn't see failure, but sees another opportunity coming around the corner.

This picture was taken out at Lynx Lake. Liz is wearing a black teddy with a white beaded collar from Oh Babe in this picture.

Hey I am Liz!! I am mother of 2 and a wife, an entrepreneur, business owner, 9-5 worker and big dreamer!! As for hobbies..well I guess you can consider anything my hobby because I like to do just about anything that doesn’t involve snakes or bugs lol.

As you can tell I am quite bubbly and outgoing. I love to meet new people and I LOVE a good opportunity. I guess that’s what I would say keeps me going on a day to day basis. There is so much out there for me to do! There is so much for me to learn so that I can pass it on to my kids, there is so much for me to learn so that I can grow and my dreams can grow as well. It’s hard to say no to something when you consider what an opportunity can do for you and your future so I say yes to everything that I can for a boundless future for me and my family!

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