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Moving from Victim to Victorious

Early in life, some get the message that there is something wrong about me. This is false, but it could have set up a life path of victimhood with thoughts like: The world, the people in my world, my circumstances are stacked against. It can create a story of "I am powerless to change". However, like the heroine in Mary Oliver's poem The Journey, ultimately victory is available once the old stories are dropped.. The truth, you don't need someone else to rescue you. And you certainly don't have to perpetuate this cycle to the next generations or those around you. How to get started? In this New Year you can let go of the old with a literal burning of old negative messages. Order some magic flash paper, write some of these false thoughts that haunt: "I never get it right" "I just have bad luck with ...". Place them in a bowl, light a candle, center yourself and flash burn away the old that doesn't serve you anymore. Stay vigilant if they should creep back.

Next gather your allies. Friends, support, perhaps a spiritual or life coach. Ask for a free sample session. Get help in finding a few small steps to your freedom in 2022. You can also join our community of empowered women (and men that support them) who refuse to be victims. ​ From victim to victorious, make this the best year yet. Author the life you want and deserve.

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