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May Babes:

I have two special women that I wanted share. These two have been such an inspiration to me for different reasons.

Cindy (mom)- You are such an incredible woman, your inner strength amazes me. No matter what you are going through you have a quick wit and smile. You are a talented artist and have encouraged me to explore my own artistic side. You have always believed in me. I am truly blessed to call you mother and friend.

"Fourteen years ago, my husband and I moved to Arizona from Alaska. I love it here. I live on a ten acre farm with my daughter and son in law. We have donkeys, pheasants, horses, pigs and chickens. Having the animals and gardens to care for has been great therapy for me as I have been fighting advanced degenerative bone disease and have had to undergo 6 back surgeries and a hip replacement. I could not have gone through all of the trials and tribulations without my loved ones. My husband of 59 years has been my rock- he has loved and supported me when I feel like giving up. He is there when I laugh or cry. He loves and cares for me when I feel unlovable. I have two beautiful smart daughters that love me so much and are eager to help when I need them, I am truly blessed. I also have a handsome son and gorgeous daughter in law that are here to help me in a drop of a hat. If you are having a struggle to just get by each day, try reaching out, I find peace of heart when I talk to the Lord and tell Him when I am hurting, He will help. "

Marti (sister)- You are this crazy lover of life that I've always been jealous of! You see the heart of a person and not the outside. You are generous and never stingy. You have this way of energizing others and they are so drawn to you. I love that you are simply you, and don't try to be anyone else- I admire that about you. I am truly blessed to call you my sister and friend.

"I believe life should be lived to the fullest, believing that every encounter we make, has the opportunity to impact one’s life, including your own. I have made many mistakes in my life, even learned a few things along the way! However without the love, dedication and compassion from my mom, sister, and my children, I would not be who I am today. My mother has always told me that I have never met a stranger, and that is true. Some kids brought stray cats and dog’s home, hoping mom will say “yes” to keeping them. Me, I usually brought kids home, hoping my mom would let me keep them, but she didn’t and they usually went home after dinner. My mother has always encouraged me to reach for the stars, and have fun doing it along the way.

My sister has been my rock! I have always admired her spirit, encouragement and for some crazy reason she never gives up on me. She allowed me to smother her children with loves, kisses and to be the best “Auntie Marti” that I could be! I will be always be grateful for that.

My children, all four of them, are my biggest strength. Of course they are all grown up and have children of their own, but seeing them with their own family brings me the greatest joy.

Grab life, take it out for a spin and most of all…Don’t forget your light up shoes!"

These women are my inspiration and strength Happy Mother's Day!

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