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March Babe

Our March Babe is Trish!

I first met Trish in the shop as she was coming in to take a pole dance class. At first glance I spotted this radiant "mature" woman and wondered if she knew exactly what she was getting herself into. Trish stripped down to proper pole dancing attire and headed towards the pole. I was surprised to watch her climb the pole with an ease and then twirl with abandon. Watching her perform with the other girls that were more than half her age gave me a smile and a new perspective on women. She continued to surprise me on the pole, not just with her "moves" but with her enthusiasm and encouragement to the others. Trish is one of those women that make you want to get to know them after just being around them once. She truly is a ray of sunshine. After getting to know Trish a little know I've come to see her in another light as well. She has a strength about her and a positive outlook. Her husband has been going through treatments and his health has not been good, but the way she responds to life, one would never know the burdens that she carries. I asked Trish to write a little bio and this is what she had to say:

Thank you Stephanie for choosing me to share pics and stories.

I have lived in Arizona most of my life and grew up swimming competitively, lifeguarding and teaching swimming. Sounds weird, but in 1972 I lettered on the men’s high school swim team but could not get the award because I was a girl. Yes, that’s what the coach said, can you believe it? Both of my grandmothers lived in an era where women weren’t allowed to vote so it is CRAZY AF to think of the possibilities my granddaughter and other young girls have.

I love all things fashion, beauty and health and am so glad to find Oh Babe and Studio Divine to enjoy and challenge my interests.

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