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June Babe...Jamie

This little beauty packs a lot of spunk and energy! She has modeled a few times for Oh Babe and the decision to use her as our inspiring woman for June was not based on her beauty, but on her charisma and work ethic. Jamie is one of those women that balances work and a daughter. Being a single mother is difficult enough, but she also has her hands in so many business opportunities to support herself and her child. Jamie has one of those minds that is constantly moving and trying to improve upon herself and bring fresh relevant ideas to whatever position she is in for work. I've watched her go through some very difficult times. In those times she has expressed her worry and stress but then picks herself up and keeps on pushing forward.

Jamie is an amazing woman and mother and I see such a bright future for her.

Jamie is wearing a swimsuit and sheer black robe from Oh Babe.

A note from Jamie below...

People have told me what a strong woman I am to have the work ethic and drive that I have. Being strong wasn't something I chose, it's the only thing I know. I have come from and surround myself with the strongest of women that have empowered me over the years.... It's the ones who let you down and the ones who try and rip you apart that ultimately taught me to never stop believing in myself. Not everyone will support you, family included. Don't stop, don't let that be the reason you don't show up not only for yourself but for the universe. Being a mother now I have to lead by example and show her that no matter what, keep going with my head held high

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