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February Babe

Updated: Feb 2, 2022

Introducing our February Babe!

February is the love month and I chose this lovely young woman because she is my daughter and she exemplifies love in so many ways. Jonna is one of the kindest souls I've had the pleasure of knowing. She is beautiful on the outside but after being around her you quickly get to see her heart. She has a real compassion for people and animals, especially those that are wounded.

Thank you Jonna for being willing to take part in our Empowering Woman monthly series.

More to come in her own words!

She is wearing a fun little something that she picked out at Oh Babe!!

Words from Jonna:

I see fear. I see sorrow. I see inadequacies and imperfections. I see all of the things I try so hard to keep buried, but they seem to always unearth themselves. New days bring new feelings, but the reflection in the mirror stays the same. Maybe tomorrow I'll see resilience. Maybe I'll see joy. Maybe I'll even see my own perfections. But not today. And that's okay. Because I also see hope. I hope to be fearless. I hope to be unconditionally happy. I hope to see myself as something more than a work in progress. My hope makes me determined. Makes me strong, and makes me more than my heartache and fears. I will reach what I have always hoped for, but not today. And that's okay.

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